Sunday, February 10, 2008 Review

So this week we focused on three separate deal websites...Woot, Bargain Jack, and DealsofAmerica.

Today we will focus on my favorite deal site of them all.

What makes it better than DealsofAmerica? Which is the most similar of the deal sites that I have gone over this week. Slickdeals goes over some of the same deals that are detailed elsewhere and has the same coupons that are listed on DealsofAmerica. The big difference to me, is the community.

That's right. The community on Slickdeals is robust and extremely helpful. They will rate the deals and give feedback such as was there another deal out there that may be better. I find the communities reviews to be very comprehensive and well thought out for the most part.

Check out the "forum" area of this site. These two areas are my favorite.

Slickdeals also lists freebies. It lists what sites are giving away free samples of their products. However, if you do get into this service, please realize a number of these companies listed are small companies trying to grow their business. Only sign up for a freebie if you think that you may invest some of your hard earned money if you like their product.

Also, something that is fun is games that companies offer and give away free stuff. These can be grand prize type giveaways including vacations, cars, and cash or just instant win type games where you may win free shipping, a small coupon, or a candy bar. These can be time consuming but it can be addicting. I have spent just a small amount of time since I found slickdeals a few years ago. The biggest thing I have won is something from Bacardi Sliver which included a t-shirt, an umbrella, a beach bag, and a couple of other miscellaneous things.

Because of the active community and extra features that Slickdeals features it rated a 5 out of 5 stars by Deals That Matter.

Next week I am going to focus on your credit including what makes up your score, how to improve your score, and recent changes that you need to know about regarding credit scoring.


AnimeshSingh said...

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