Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Get to Know Bargain Jack

Earlier this week I introduced you and implored you to visit woot!

If you haven't, well that is just a shame. Today they are selling John Daly golf clubs. You just have to read the story and product description. Priceless.

But today we move on to Bargain Jack.

Want to know Jack?

Well, Jack does 2 things very well. 1) It gives you 21 deals everyday from anything from electronics to kitchen wares and t-shirts. 2) It gives a run down of a number woot knock-offs. Ok, other one day deals sites. These sell anything under the sun.

I have found some very good electronics deals and memory cards and digital cords from these sites. I like looking around at the different sites and see what they are offering.

It is great site to peruse when it comes time to buy gifts or look at the holidays. You can find great deals on great gifts.

Bargain Jack is definitely one of the deal sites that I visit everyday. And oh yeah, woot is listed on Bargain Jack too, right along with Wine Woot, which is exactly what it sounds like, except the deal lasts a week.